White satin finish kitchen
      J.A.G. FINISHING INC.  Woodworking and finishing company.
 We are  a custom cabinet maker and finishing company located in Brooklyn, New York, with 20 years of experience. We provide high-end finishes to our clientele.
Entrance Doors 

We build a wide variety of custom cabinetry, for example, kitchens, libraries, bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. We also specialize in ceiling and wall panels, closets, interior and exterior doors, unique one of a kind furniture pieces  and any specific  woodwork requests. We currently provide our service in the New York, tri-state area and  Florida but also on request we can do our work in any other state. 


Kitchen's visualisation. 
We cooperate with exhibition contractors in the United States and Europe. We build custom expositions and provide a range of services.
                                            Thank you for visiting our website and please contact us for more information.
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